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As many of you have heard our county has been approved for Phase 2 as of 6/19/2020.  This allows us to seat up to 250 people each week.  We do need to ensure physical distancing of at least 6 feet so we are still at a reduced capacity for seating in the Worship Center.  Here is the plan:

1) Every other pew is still closed.

2) We will seat one household on the each end of each open pew.  This makes for 32 households on the main floor. 

3) We will seat one household in every other pew in the balcony.  This make for an additional 3 households.

4) Please register only one person per household.  As part of the registration you will fill in the information for how many household members and their names.  This information is required to attend.

5) In the Activity Center we will have one household per table.  This week that is 18 households.

6) We will not be seating people in the Fellowship Hall as this space is need to allow for additional physical distancing before and after the service.

7) We ask that you not congregate near the entrace to allow for people to enter and exit while maintain 6ft of physical distancing

8) As we are having more people now we are asking everyone to please wear a mask unless you are leading music or speaking into a microphone.

9) Movement throughout the builidng is not restricted but we request that you only go where you need to go.  The spaces we enter the more spaces have to be cleaned.