2020 Men's Retreat
Spiritual Leadership...What does it mean in the real world

Oftentimes as Christian men we’re told to be good “spiritual leaders” in our family, in our church, and in our community. But the frustrating thing is that term is not always defined.  What does it mean to be a spiritual leader or the spiritual head of your home?  Also, what about a man who’s not married – is he still supposed to be a spiritual leader?  What does “leadership” even mean from God’s perspective?  What if I don’t feel gifted to be a leader?   We will examine these questions and many more as we study together and think together about what it means to be a spiritual leader.  

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Teaching Sessions

Session 1: Understanding Jesus-style Influence with Pastor Marcus Elmer  

Session 2: Bearing Responsibility for Self and Others with Pastor David Curtis  

Session 3: Learning Sacrificial Love with Pastor David Curtis  

Session 4: Being a Spiritual Example with Rich Dominick  

Retreat Schedule

Friday Night

6:15-7:15PM      Arrive & Check-in

7:30                  Session #1

9:00                  Snacks & Free Time    


8:00AM              Breakfast

9:00                  Session #2

10:30                One-on-one time with God

12:00PM            Lunch

1:00                  Free Time & Activities

5:00                  Dinner

6:00                  Session #3

7:30                  Group Activity/Snacks/ Free Time    


9:00AM              Breakfast

10:00                Worship Gathering & Session #4

11:30                Pack up!  

Available Activities

· Volleyball

· Walking on the beach

· Hanging out

· Board games

· Hiking

· Miniature Golf

· Horseshoes

· Basketball  

What to Bring

· Sleeping bag

· Personal items

· Bath towel

· Clothes for cool & wet weather

· Bible & notebook

· Open Heart for God

· Favorite table game (optional)  

Camp Winema

5195 Wi Ne Ma Rd
Cloverdale, Oregon