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On Sunday, October 13th we will have representatives with the Chain of Love ministry in Brazil.  In partnership with our North American Conference Missions program we have supported Chain of Love for many years as a congregation.  Many of you have sponsored children over the years through Chain of Love as well.

The following is a statement from their website about the work Chain of Love is involved with:

"Chain of Love’s purpose is to take in children and adolescents who are in situations of physical, social, and emotional vulnerability. They are forwarded to us by the Justice Department after all attempts to remain with their biological families and/or other relatives have been exhausted.

Chain of Love operates a system of foster homes with houseparents/ caregivers who are committed to the integral care of the children and adolescents, providing them with healthy development and a good quality of life. We take in children and adolescents between newborn and age twelve from all over the state of Rio Grande do Sul, sent by the Justice Department through covenants with some cities in our state."

For more information about Chain of Love or to support their work go to 

In addition to sharing about their ministry at Salt Creek on Sunday the 13th of October, the Chain of Love team will also be sharing on Wednesday night, October 9th at our sister church West Hills Community Church in West Salem.