After speaking with missionary Ron Seck last week, we agreed to cancel the gathering this Tuesday.  We would encourage everyone to be in prayer for both Ron & Jeannie Seck and Laci & Eszter Daroczi as they are far from home in the midst of this ongoing crisis.

Here is their most recent update from Laci & Eszter:

We are well in Surrey, Canada right now. Travelling back to the US on Monday. Jonathan has running nose, low fever, but he slept well at night and right now napping.   We had great meeting so far. We have been on this trip from the 12th of February, but now we have cancelled Church Meetings and other visits, because of the virus.   Please pray for us as we travel for another 10 days. Our flight will go home on the 24th of March. Pray for our friends among the gypsies, so they would know and listen to facts and truths about the virus! They would be open to Jesus and more preventive talks spiritually and physically as we're getting home. We are grateful for new friendships and contacts to american NAB (North American Baptists) family!   Thank you for new sign-ups to our Newsletters! We love you, Laci, Eszter, Simeon and Jonatán

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