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Sunday, October 16th saw a rare treat at Salt Creek Baptist Church.  For the first time in recorded history three different youth pastors from three different eras of ministry at Salt Creek were gathered in one place at one time.  Former youth pastor turned missionary and disciple maker, Pastor Russ Richmond was with us to cover the pulpit so Pastor David Curtis could be with family following his mother's funeral.  Our other former youth pastor turned missionary church planter was also present because of a cancelled speaking engagement at a church in Washington.  It also happened to be the first official Sunday for our new Family Pastor, Josiah Buhler.  

Many made the observation that it was like a scene from the 2021 movie Spiderman: No Way Home, where three different versions of Spiderman played by three different actors we all present at the same place and time.  Vince Rediger was quoted as saying, "I guess this makes me the Andrew Garfield of the group," as he reflected on his seven years of ministry at Salt Creek Church.  

"I am just happy that they all embraced the moment and had fun with it.  It isn't very common for this sort of thing to happen and for all three to be able to fellowship, encourage and support one another is a real testimony to their maturity and the health of Salt Creek Church," said Lead Pastor David Curtis after seeing the pictures taken that day. Curtis claims to not have a favorite between the three.

"I've known Russ the longest since I started participating in NABNW events twelve years ago and count him a good friend in the ministry," said Curtis, "Of course Vince and I worked together for seven years here at Salt Creek and we got each other through the pandemic which was no walk in the park.  That being said I am super excited about having Pastor Josiah on our team and what he brings to the table. I just can't pick a favorite."     

Following his time on staff at Salt Creek, Russ served as part of the Pastoral team at First Baptist Church in Corvallis, OR.  Now Russ, and wife Kristen, are on staff with World Venture and are working to establish Disciple Making Movements on the west coast.  You can learn more about their ministry by visiting 

Vince Rediger stepped down from his role as youth pastor in July of this year to pursue church planting in Utah full time along with wife Jessie.  They will be moving to Utah the first week of November.  You can learn more about this new ministry by visiting:

Pastor Josiah Buhler and his wife Bailey just started with us here at Salt Creek this month.  Josiah is in his final year of studies at Corban University and will graduate in May of 2023 with a Master's in Divinity.  His wife Bailey is an elementary school teacher in Lebanon, OR.  

So no matter which one is your favorite, just know that they are all working together for the same team, the Kingdom of Jesus.