To our good friends at Salt Creek,  

Dan and I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that we really appreciate your faithful support to the Chimane ministry. Thanks so much! You guys have been faithful for many years now, ever since we left Salt Creek in 1990 to enter missionary training.  

We understand that churches these days are having to strongly consider where their finances are going, a lot of people have suffered through the pandemic and the strange world situation. Thank you for your unwavering support during these trying times.

When I first started to learn of the economic ramifications that the pandemic had on the US, I wondered how our support level would be affected, we all know that churches really suffered because of all the quarantining. Amazingly, up to the point, praise the Lord, we are able to continue full throttle ahead! God is so faithful to us. As the needs here increase, so does our support. When one source ceases, another begins. We never had to scale back our ministry…instead the Lord has allowed us to expand!  

We are humbled and feel very privileged to be able to serve with the Chimane people with the support of a great group of people who desire to see God’s word go out and His church established among all the tongues and nations.

Often we feel underqualified, but we learned a long time ago that the person on the ground, present and willing to serve, trumps the far more qualified person who is not here! We do our best and God continues to bless our efforts.  Glory to Him!  

Thanks again for being part of the all-important and very necessary support team. Your prayers and gifts are making a difference! Thanks too for the special funds from the firewood fund raiser for the water project. Recently Dan made a roof over the well at the discipleship center, also the well had been dropped down and needed to have the outside extended again to be at a safe height, we didn’t want any toddlers falling in! That well that Dan dug by hand has provided enough water for all the courses to use this year! It hasn’t lacked water even during this dry time of year, and it has been used very heavily during each course. We are thankful for that well. We eventually want to have gutters and water storage tanks made so that we can take advantage of rainwater as well, but that won’t happen this year. Another water project currently in progress is a water tower for the well that will supply our bunk house for visiting teams.  So, come on down and we will give you a shower!! 

Thank you all so much! 

Love, Dan and Judy