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 Josiah Buhler joined Salt Creek Baptist Church as its Family Pastor in October 2022, stepping into a ministry he said God has prepared him for his whole life.

“I want to devote my life to Him,” Josiah said.

He is passionate about partnering with parents and volunteers to equip and develop youth into mission-minded disciples, who then make disciples that take active roles in the church and community.

Currently enrolled in the MDiv: Church Ministry tract at Corban University in Salem, Josiah often draws on his experiences growing up in India (12 years) and Lebanon (two years). As a son of missionaries, Josiah witnessed firsthand God’s impact in those two countries.

In Lebanon, he gained an appreciation for evangelism, while conversing with fellow classmates of different backgrounds and beliefs. He believed it was his calling to serve the Lord “because of all that he has done for me.” 

During his time in India, Josiah experienced bullying because of his faith and racial background. Through the guidance of his parents and repeatedly calling out to the Lord, Josiah never felt alone in his struggles.

As he steps into his role at Salt Creek Baptist, Josiah is eager to help the church’s youth understand who Jesus is and why they need to follow His teachings.

Josiah met his wife, Bailey, at Corban. Prior to their meeting, Josiah prayed for God to bring a woman into his life, and that she would make the first move. At a worldview conference, Josiah and Bailey were introduced, and discovered they held a similar passion for serving God.

Bailey and Josiah bonded over club volleyball at Corban, and Josiah felt they complemented each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The two were married at Bailey’s father’s church in Perrydale in 2020. “Bailey is a huge blessing in my life,” Josiah said.

In his free time, Josiah enjoys taking care of his bonsai trees, being outdoors, biking, hunting, playing disc golf, board games, video games, and hanging out with friends and family. 

*Thanks to Logan Brandon for interviewing Josiah and putting together this bio to help people get to know Pastor Josiah.