The recent surge in COVID-19 cases due to the Delta variant is a concern for all of us.  Many of us have friends or family that are currently battling this virus.  Prayers for healing for all of them are appreciated.  We all are doing our best to get through this pandemic as quickly and safely as possible. 

Some of you may be wondering what the new mask mandate means for our congregation.  The mask mandate does apply to our indoor gatherings.  We are asked to post signs, to require masks of staff and volunteers and make reasonable efforts to ensure compliance of all in attendance.  At the same time the state has said, “The emphasis of indoor mask requirement is on personal responsibility––we are asking Oregonians to make a commitment to protect those around you by wearing a mask.”  We affirm the value of seeking to protect one another and the value of personal choice in this matter.  We will post signs as well as have masks available and ask each individual to take personal responsibility for our his or her own approach in this matter.

Therefore, we encourage you to prayerfully consider how God is asking you to seek the good of your brothers and sisters in Christ when we gather for worship.  May we all give grace to one another for the different approaches each person is taking in this matter.